It is an effLipoliz Tekniği ective regional slimming method using phosphatidyl choline obtained from soybean in lipolysis application.

It is an effective regional slimming method using phosphatidyl choline obtained from soybean in lipolysis application. This substance takes place in the human body and plays an effective role in the metabolism of adipose tissue. The effectiveness of the lipolysis application has been approved by the FDA. The purpose of the lipolysis method is to destroy the fat by injecting this substance into the area with fat density.

Lipolysis Technique

It is a painless and painless application.
Lipolysis freezes the fat cells and allows them to be removed from the body by the lymphatic system.
It does not harm other organs.
It is a harmless application that reduces the fat tissue in the body.
It is more effective in areas where adipose tissue is dense.

In Which Areas Is Lipolysis Applied?

Lipolysis, a regional slimming technique applied without surgical intervention, is generally effective in the abdomen, sides and bottom of the abdomen, under the arms, inner legs and outer legs, hips, hips, back sides, and above the knees. In addition, lipolysis is an effective method to remove the fat under the chin and under-eye bags in addition to body fat.

How is Lipolysis Applied?

Lipolysis application is done with a needle as fine as a mesotherapy needle. Manual needles or mesotherapy gun to be used for lipolysis application are applied directly into the adipose tissue at 2 cm intervals.

Although lipolysis sessions vary according to the amount of drug used and adipose tissue, they are usually performed at intervals of 4-8 weeks.

People who are not suitable for lipolysis?

Under 18 years old
Pregnant and lactating persons
Those with heart and liver disease
Those who have open wounds in the area to be applied
Those with drug allergies
Cancer or AIDS patients

What to Do After Lipolysis

Do sports regularly.
Consume plenty of water.
Eat healthy and avoid fatty foods.
Cleanse the body from dead cells by detoxing.





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