Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal



Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

How Does It Effect?

Laser Hair Removal Demonstration

The laser works through a mechanism called Selective Photo-Thermolysis (selective destruction by light heat). When a laser shot is applied to the skin, the light passes through the skin in milliseconds without being absorbed, but is absorbed by the hair root and hair shaft and causes the destruction of the hair root by generating high heat inside the hair root.

Lazer Vücuduma Zarar Verir mi ?

The laser is often considered as radiation and unnecessarily feared that it will harm health. However, there is no relationship between laser and radiation. There was no evidence of any effect on the subcutaneous tissues and organs during the application of the laser to the skin. In fact, even with very powerful epilation lasers, effective doses can only reach the hair root level.

Are the procedures painful?

While the hair root is destroyed with the laser, a sensation similar to the pain that occurs when pulled with tweezers is perceived. This is inevitable. As some areas of the body are more sensitive, this feeling may naturally be stronger in some areas. However, since the laser is used together with the cooler, pain does not occur due to the heating of the skin. The cooler is kept in constant contact with the skin before, during and after the laser shot during the process, cooling the process area and protecting the upper layer of the skin from the heat of the laser. Thanks to the cooler, the reaction in the hair root is also felt relatively little. For example, you will not feel anything while the fine hairs on the lips are being treated with laser.

In Which Areas Is Laser Epilation Applied?

The laser can be applied to the whole body. It can be applied on the face, neck, neck, ears, muscles, arms, armpits, legs, belly, hips, back, shoulders, waist as well as sensitive areas such as chest, breast, bikini line.

How long do the transactions take?

This process varies according to the width of the area. For example, while the upper lip is finished in 1 minute, the back may take 1-2 hours.Kaç Kez Yapılır ?

The laser acts on the hair follicles during their development phase. A root at rest may be temporarily suppressed by the laser, but not destroyed. Since all hair follicles cannot be in the growth phase in a certain period of time, a single treatment will not be enough to destroy all the roots. The procedures are done at intervals of 4-6 weeks as the roots enter the growth phase or as the hairs come out. As the total number of procedures varies according to the body region, it also varies depending on your characteristics such as genetic factors, age, gender, hormonal profile. When you inform your doctor about your treatment purpose, a suitable treatment scheme will be arranged for you.

What kind of changes are observed in the skin after the treatment?

Some skin may have redness and disappear after a very short time (approximately 0.5-1 hour). In areas such as the neck and nape, there may be pimples that will heal spontaneously within 1-2 weeks.

What should I not do after the treatment?

You can return to your daily life immediately after the treatment.

Is Lotion-Cream Use Necessary After Treatment?

It may be necessary to use some creams as a preservative after laser procedures that cause redness on the skin, but after a treatment without redness, there is no need to apply any protective cream.

Can make-up be applied after a treatment applied to the face?

It should be kept in mind that some make-up materials may be inconvenient to use after a laser treatment that causes redness on the skin.

Is It Dangerous To Go Out In The Sun During Laser Treatments?

If you have redness on your skin during the procedure, you should avoid exposure to the sun. Because it can be extremely harmful to go out in the sun before and after the treatment with lasers, which can cause redness on the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid the sun during the treatment.

What Happens to the Hair in the Processing Area After Laser Application?

Within 3 days after the procedure, the hairs treated with laser gradually rise to the surface and begin to fall out. Hair regrowth is not a regrowth, but a process required for the hairs inside the roots to fall out. After shedding is complete, no new hair will grow in that area for a few weeks. When new hairs come out, it means it's time for a new session.

What Should Be Done Before Starting Laser Processes? ?

In order to start the Laser Processes, it is necessary to wait until the hair growth in that area reaches its maximum intensity. During this period, you can cut the hairs that grow or use a depilatory cream. Since depilatory creams do not penetrate the roots, there is no harm in using them before the laser. Because the hairs do not need to be long to start the process, it is enough that the roots have grown hair.

You can use scissors or a razor for cutting, it's okay. The razor will never strengthen the roots or thicken the quince hairs. Only after cutting with a razor or scissors, the weak and thin part at the tip of the hairs is cut, and the relatively thick part at the bottom will show itself, and this appearance will create an illusion of thickening of the hairs. However, in fact, there is no change in the quality of the feather. Of course, if you want, you can wait without doing anything.

Are the Results Permanent?

In cases of hormonal hair loss, if a hormonal disorder occurs again, it is natural to see an increase in hair growth again. Leaving these aside, it does not seem possible to re-start a hair growth in an area in conscious treatments with today's advanced high-power lasers in effective doses.

Sometimes, however, some hairs may appear in that area one year after the laser procedures are finished. However, these hairs are not at their pre-treatment density and thickness. However, in reality this is not the case. If we review the principles of laser hair removal treatment; The result of each session in an effective laser treatment is to reduce the number of clay roots. The rate of this reduction varies from person to person, but in any case, the decrease continues with continued treatment.

At this time, there is a decrease in the number of hair follicles as well as weakening. Weakened roots can enter the growth period only after a very long rest period. This means that as the treatment progresses, the time required for hair growth becomes longer.

Therefore, it may be necessary to wait 1 year after the last procedure in order to understand whether a particular session is the last one. If hair comes out after one year, it does not indicate that the result is not permanent, but that the treatment has not yet been completed.





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