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EmSlim Slimming

EmSlim Slimming

EmSlim Slimming

EMSLIM is the most advanced and most intense electric muscle stimulator in history with the highest output of 7 Tesla. EMSlim; It is an inactive sports device that provides maximum muscle training, fat burning and muscle strengthening.

EMSlim is the most advanced example of electrical muscle stimulator applications. Perfectly working electromagnetic waves pass through the skin and adipose tissue and reach the muscle mass. With intense and continuous contractions, the muscle group in the treated area is effectively stimulated. EMSlim provides an intense exercise intensity that is impossible to achieve with real physical training, works focused on the targeted muscle or muscle group, and applies the ideal exercise program safely and quickly for the most effective results.

It is one of the popular body shaping applications that men prefer as much as women. EMSlim, which is very pleased with those who like to have a more muscular, sporty, masculine appearance, can be used instead of and with sports. It is preferred by many people as an extreme exercise support, especially in areas of the body that are difficult to build muscle. Because it is possible to maintain the muscle development obtained with EMSlim by doing exercises at normal standards and to look both fit and sporty for many years.

How Does EMSlim Work?

With the electromagnetic effect of the EMSlim application, the patient can perform an exercise equivalent to 20 thousand sit-ups in a short time like 30 minutes, which is an impossible score to achieve even for months. Thanks to its electromagnetic field, which makes it incredibly easy for everyone to have the muscular body that everyone dreams of, EMSlim provides fat burning and muscle development by applying high-intensity exercise to the muscle and muscle groups in the desired area in a short time.

The EMSlim device achieves the impossible, making a dream come true by exercising the muscles in the area we want in a fast and healthy way, for us, in extreme numbers.

1) Fat Burns:

Obesity can be thought of as the body's storage of fat that it cannot burn in the event that the daily calorie intake and the calories expended are not balanced. Intense exercise allows the fat accumulated in the body to be used as energy. In addition, EMSlim continues to support fat burning for a long time as it accelerates metabolism.

The greatest effect of exercises is to increase the amount of oxygen in all tissues, activating the blood circulation and stimulating the lymph drainage system. Because circulatory disorder causes the growth of adipose tissue, when the lymph drainage system does not work well, excess fat and other wastes cannot be discharged from the body and are stored. EMSlim, with its direct effect on adipose tissue and metabolic results, is the most effective application that provides maximum fat burning among device systems.

2) Muscle Strengthens:

Em Slim with application options such as Hiit+Hypertrophy (Combo 1), Hypertrophy+Strength (Combo 2), Muscle Strength Increasing, Muscle Growth, High Intensity Interval Training, abs, glutes, shoulders and arms, front and back It is an effective muscle strengthening device that increases muscle mass thanks to the exercise programs that work on the leg muscles separately. The exercises can be programmed specifically for each muscle and muscle group, and even muscle groups that are difficult to reach by doing sports can be worked easily in this way. EMSlim is preferred by those who do sports actively to work all muscle groups as a supportive activity.

Advantages of the EMSlim App

We can say that the secret of EMSlim's success is that HI-EMT technology (high-intensity electromagnetic technology) enables us to achieve supramaximal contractions. Supramaximal contractions are contractions that last longer than normal. When the muscles adapt to hold this tension for a long time, they get stronger much easier and faster, so the muscle mass continues to grow.

We can list the changes we can achieve in the body with the EMSlim application as follows;

  • Provides regional thinning.
  • It activates blood circulation.
  • It supports the lymphatic drainage system.
  • It increases the metabolic rate.
  • It helps balance the body mass index.

Although the number of sessions varies according to the application area, the EMSlim protocol, which is generally prepared for 4 to 8 sessions, 1-2 applications per week, can be repeated once a year for protection purposes. Healthy men and women of all ages can apply to our clinic to have the physique they want with EMSlim.

To list the advantages of body restructuring application with Em Slim's new generation high-intensity electromagnetic technology;

  • It is a non-surgical body shaping and regional slimming method.
  • Recovery periods are not required.
  • You do not need to take a break from social and business life.
  • It provides thinning and tightening without leaving any incisions and scars.

All abdominal muscles, waist area, hip muscles, hips, arms and legs are EMSlim application areas.

Regional Slimming with EMSlim

EMSlim is one of the most popular applications used in regional slimming treatments. The reason why it is often preferred is, of course, that it also strengthens muscle while burning fat. It is the biggest feature that distinguishes Em Slim from other applications in regional slimming, especially the fact that the built-in fats are converted into energy and removed from the body.

It is a powerful application that we have achieved effective results as a sports and diet supportive treatment in losing regional weight due to genetic reasons or body type. Em Slim is a regional slimming method that can be safely preferred by men and women of all ages who have fat problems in a certain area, although they do not have a weight problem.

Body Tightening with EMSlim

As a natural result of the EMSlim application, which reduces fat tissue and enlarges muscle mass, the body tightens, the skin tightens as the sessions progress, and after a while, you see that your skin becomes younger and firmer.

Since the reason for the sagging of the skin is weakening, relaxation, thinning, loss of volume and most importantly lubrication in the subcutaneous tissues, the growth of muscle mass with the application of Em Slim, the skin tightening due to the development of the subcutaneous tissues. As the muscles under the skin get stronger, body lines appear, you look tighter and fitter.

Cellulite Treatment with EMSlim

One of the most successful anti-cellulite applications is the EMSlim device because it is a wonderful system that simultaneously eliminates everything that causes cellulite. It burns the enlarged and deformed fat tissue under the skin with an intense exercise program, strengthens the muscle mass, and eliminates circulation problems. In a short time, the orange peel appearance is replaced by a radiant complexion and smooth legs.

Frequently Asked Questions About EMSlim

1. Who cannot have an EMSlim?

Anyone can have it, except pregnant women and women or men with pacemakers.

2. How much are EMSlim prices?

Prices vary according to the number of sessions, application area and number of application areas. You can contact our clinic for detailed information.

3. How many sessions of EMSlim should I have?

Generally, protocols of 4-8 sessions are prepared, and it can be applied 1-2 times a week. The number of sessions and the frequency of application can be changed according to the needs of the patient and the treatment.

4. Does EMSlim cause pain?

No pain is felt during the application, but the muscles have been worked intensely, so it is expected that you will feel your muscles for a few days after the application, and minor pains from holding on are expected.





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