Skin Care

Skin Care

It is in your hands to make our skin look healthy and beautiful, which is the most open organ of our body to external factors. To have a healthy-beautiful-bright skin today and to have a younger looking skin tomorrow is only possible with conscious skin care that educated people apply regularly and that you will do at home.

What is Skin Care?

It is in your hands to make our skin look healthy and beautiful, which is the most open organ of our body to external factors. To have a healthy-beautiful-bright skin today and to have a younger looking skin tomorrow is only possible with conscious skin care that educated people apply regularly and that you will do at home.

Our skin is worn out by factors such as sun rays, adverse environmental conditions, long-term illnesses and drug use, hormonal foods, unbalanced diet, and smoking. The natural aging process continues throughout life depending on hormonal and genetic (familial) factors. Over time, wrinkles, discoloration (yellowing, brown spots, thin red veins), looseness and loss of flexibility are observed in our skin. When this situation is combined with neglect, it visibly accelerates and deepens. However, it is in our hands to soften and delay the damage done by time and negative factors on our skin!

There is so much you can do to beautify your skin. These methods cover a process that starts from knowing your skin correctly and includes care and applications for the needs of the skin. Professional skin care, which experts will recommend and meticulously apply, and skin care products that they will recommend to use in your home care are the guarantees of a healthy and fresh skin.


Fat Ratio of the Skin

a) Is the skin shiny or matte?

b) flaking on the skin

Skin Pore Condition

a) Pores are large

b) Pore full

c) Pores are medium

Moisture Condition of the Skin

a) without moisture

b) Humidity is normal

c) It has a tendency to dryness

Cilt Yapısı

a) Wrinkle formation

b) Elasticity

c) Muscle tension

d) Pigmentation

Skin Disorders

a) Comedones (Blackhead)

b) Pimples

c) Fat cysts

d) Skin inflammations


– DRY Skin Care

– OILY Skin Care

– MIXED Skin Care

– MATURE Skin Care

– NORMAL Skin Care


– Skin Care with PROBLEM ACNE

– CITY Skin Care


The pores are small. It has a thin upper skin. Since the oil secretion is below normal, its appearance is dull. Skin with very low humidity is always tight. Areas of cracking may be found in areas with fewer pores. The skin on the cheeks is thin. The biggest danger to the skin is its premature wrinkling. After washing with a delicate cleanser, you will feel tightness on your skin, cold weather, wind, UV rays, bad weather conditions can cause the skin to worsen. If a conscious care is applied to dry skin from an early age, premature aging can be prevented. Moisturizing and nourishing are very important especially in this skin type.


The appearance of the skin is shiny and oily. The shine is seen in every part of the face. It is a skin type that has full pores and is suitable for the formation of blackheads and acne.

In this skin type, acne is more likely to occur because the sebaceous glands are overactive. Oily skin stays alive longer, less lines may occur, but the biggest danger is sagging if care is not taken care of. As you get older, lines that are deeper than wrinkles become more pronounced.


The skin of women encounters some changes in terms of hormonal balances before, during and after menopause. Even if they have not had acne in their lifetime, women can get acne during this period. Brown spots and line formations can be seen on their faces as the skin becomes thinner with hair growth and aging. Skin problems such as sun damage, dilated veins and intense sensitivity can be observed.


The pores on your skin are of average size. There may be more pores on the nose and chin. These areas may be more oily than the cheeks and around the eyes, but still, blackheads and acne problems are not seen. There is usually no redness. When the weather is hot, the skin may be a little oilier and a little drier when it's cold. It is also called the best quality skin. In order for the skin not to lose its beauty and quality as the age progresses, preventive care should be applied from a young age and the skin should be supported with the right care products.


Regardless of color, people's skin can be sensitive. However, sensitivity is more common in people with fair skin and colored eyes. People with skin sensitivities have a reduced barrier function of their skin. That's why it's vulnerable to anything that's put on it. People with this type of skin should use sensitive and soft products.


There are transparent oil deposits inside the pores. Almost everyone can see these on the sides of the nose. Trapped sebum turns black when it comes into contact with air. Blackheads and whiteheads surface in areas where there are more sebaceous glands, such as the corners of the nose and the middle of the chin. This type of acne occurs especially before the start of the menstrual period and during the menopause.

The reason for this is a decrease in estrogen levels and an increase in hormones with androgen properties. When oil encounters dead skin cells and bacteria, red inflamed pimples occur. The typical acne lesion is raised red, usually swollen.


City dwellers are not only exposed to air pollution and environmental toxins from work, but also face high levels of stress while coping with the demands of daily life. If you live in a sunny area, your daily sun exposure is quite long.

Due to busy work schedules in the city, you consume fast food or high-fat foods and eat very little fruit and vegetables. Such diets cause skin problems.

Skin Care Applications

Classic Skin Care

a) Private mask Applications

According to the needs of the skin (against wrinkles, oil balancing, detoxifying and relaxing), various mask cures are applied.

b) Iontophoresis – Galvanotherapy

It is applied by directing polarized skin care products towards the deep layers of the skin with minimally applied electric currents.

2. Oxygenated Skin Care

Oxygen, the Foundation of Life, in the Service of Youth and Beauty

Oxygen in the human composition;

In their 20s: 100%,

In their 30s: 75%,

In the 40s: It is 50%.

When negative conditions such as smoking, environmental pollution, sun rays, stress, malnutrition and factors are added to these losses created by the passing of time, this rate drops considerably.





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